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Endries Awarded 2018 Supplier Innovation Award by Henny Penny

Eaton, OH July 8, 2019

Eaton, Ohio July 2019 – Henny Penny; a leading manufacturer of commercial grade food equipment, has awarded Endries International with their 2018 Supplier Innovation Award.


In 2017/2018 Endries implemented a number of MRO vending machines throughout the Henny Penny plant. This has shown to improve the inventory control in each area. “They make it convenient to obtain MRO supplies quickly and easily as needed” – Glenn Ford, Henny Penny Purchasing Manager.


In addition to the MRO equipment, Endries installed our PULSE solution at Henny Penny. The innovative, RFID based solution improves overall efficiencies and insures real-time demand signals are received.


Endries provides over 725 different production and service part items to Henny Penny.