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Serving the Original Equipment Manufacturer since 1970

For over 45 years Endries has been focused on serving the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Market.  We understand manufacturing and the unique challenges that come up in production environments.  Our business has been built around this and will continue to evolve based on manufacturing needs.

We serve a lot of different market segments or industries.  Our customer base is diverse and our largest customer accounts for less than 6% of our total revenue.  This equates to great company stability and diversification throughout our customer portfolio.

Some of the Markets We Serve... 

Endries markets include Agriculture Equipment, All Terrain Industry, Foodservice Equipment, Furniture, General Machinery, Healthcare, HVAC, Industrial Controls, Lawn & Garden Equipment, Lighting, Pump & Valve Manufacturing, Snow Removal, Transportation Industry, Windows & Doors, and much more...Our markets are diverse and the possibilities to expand into new markets are endless. 

For more information on how Endries can help your business, contact a local sales representative or email us at today!

Lawnmower Foodservice Furniture
HVAC Industrial Lighting
Snow Removal AG Trailer
Pumps Doors Snowmobile