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The Endries Advantage

Hear It From Our Customers:

In a survey conducted by the University of Wisconsin - Madison, a group of Endries customers were surveyed and asked to share their opinion on Endries people, products and services.

Summarized below is just some of the feedback on what our customers are saying about Endries...

  • Responsive
  • Quality
  • Dependable
  • Trustworthy
  • Problem Solvers
  • Cooperative
  • Proactive
  • Listen

- UW Madison Survey

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Fulfillment Solutions

Endries offers a variety of proven fulfillment solutions keeping the right parts with the right quantities in the right spot.  Solutions range from dock-to-dock and traditional ordering, to very integrated vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs that handle both production (direct material) and MRO product (indirect material).

One Bin Single Bin System
Strategically located stocking points throughout the facility which are managed and serviced by our trained associates.  Volumetrically sized bins to the usage for each location with visual reorder point.
Two Bin Multi-Bin System
Multiple bins for the same item allowing for Kanban replenishment triggers.  Reporting is based on consumption to the individual stocking point level.
PULSE system is based off of Multi-Bin/Kanban methodology and each bin has dual RFID tags attached for redundancy.  Every bin has it's own unique ID and the kiosk communicates usage to Endries 24/7.  Endries patented technology communicates demand within minutes of a bin going through the kiosk.
Point of Use Point-of-Use
Collaborative effort for ergonomically presenting material to assemblers.  Strategically located stocking points right where the assembly occurs.
Crib Management On-Site Management / In-Plant Store
Endries on-site management systems follow the same ISO procedures that are followed throughout our distribution network.
Industrial Dispensing Industrial Dispensing / Vending
Offering world-class dispensing technology which allows manufacturers the ability to control consumption and improve processes for handling indirect material.
DocktoDock Dock-to-Dock
Endries works with customers domestically and internationally on dock-to-dock orders via phone, fax, email or EDI.  Orders are handled by our experienced call center professionals who work hard to meet customers' delivery needs.
Kitting Kitting & Sub-Assemblies
Value-added services produce savings in total cost and improve plant capacities and free valuable floor space.  Costly in-house assemblies and kits become complete component parts.


Endries manages materials for customers worldwide, through many programs saving our customers time and money by:

  • Reducing inventory levels and investment
  • Reducing the floor space required for storing parts inventory
  • Giving back resources being used in the procurement process for class C items
  • Eliminating stockouts and shortages by gaining control over inventory fluctuations due to seasonal demand or special job consumption fluctuations
  • Improving Supply Chain Management and consolidating suppliers
  • Streamlining Accounting processes with consolidated invoices & monthly billing 


Reporting Capabilities

In addition to our fulfillment solutions we offer the best reporting in the industry, providing both tactical and strategic levels of reporting to our customers.  The following is a sampling of what we provide to our customers:

  • System Overview
  • Bin Comparison
  • Inventory Turns
  • Usage Reports
  • Active vs. Non-Active
  • Where-Used
  • Monthly Purchases and much more!


Register for Full Access

As an Endries customer you can register for access to the secure customer web portal.  This will give you permission to log in and view your specific reporting and metrics.

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