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The Endries Advantage

Endries Quality

Endries International's objectives are to maintain a quality system compliant with our ISO 9001:2015 standard, and continuously measure and improve customer satisfaction. Our ISO procedures ensure our customers consistent quality standards throughout our locations.

Under the umbrella of our current ISO accreditation are a vast array of Standard Procedures and Work Instructions that govern our Quality Assurance processes.  Endries continuously invests to improve our in-house inspection and testing capabilities so our customers are assured parts supplied by Endries meet their specified requirements.


Documented Quality Plans
On-line documentation is maintained for all print-controlled parts to ensure proper sourcing, purchasing and inspection is to the latest print revision.

Qualified Suppliers

Qualified Suppliers
Endries suppliers are held accountable to the same high level quality standards we set for ourselves. Supplier quality levels and supplier certification is evaluated regularly according to our ISO standard procedures.


Lot / Age Control Procedures
Endries owned material maintains lot traceability to the original Endries supplier and supplier lot number, country of origin as well as age control when available. Part of this assurance is aided through the use of on-line quality assurance plans and customer prints controlled electronically.



Some of Endries Quality Lab Capabilities include:

  • Fixed and Variable Thread Measurement
  • Quadra Check Optical Comparator
  • Linear Measurement Tools
  • Plating Thickness via X-ray Fluorescence
  • Keyence Image Measurement System
  • Salt Fog Chamber per ASTM B117
  • Thread Rolling and Tapping Screw Performance Testing
  • Torsional Strength – Small Screws
  • Hardness Testing – HRC, HRB, 15N, 30N
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing


Endries is ISO Certified

ISO Cert _US

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