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The Endries Advantage


Endries International is committed to reducing cost within the entire supply chain using technology and well designed business processes. We continually enhance our inventory management software to streamline processes and increase communication speed between our customers, suppliers, and supply partners. Endries is able to custom design solutions for our customers utilizing standard protocols and procedures.

IT Bin Scan Advanced cellular scanners also allow our customer service personnel the ability to check inventory and communicate at the speed of business, providing 24/7 online access to search parts, activate rush orders, and manage other logistics.
IT Disaster Recovery

In today’s world, business continuity is very important to supply chain management. Endries  has an ISO 9001 documented procedure on disaster recovery and have back-up systems in place should the need arise.

Information and communication are key to Endries success and that is why we focus on staying one-step ahead of the ever-changing world of technology. Our technology is active at every Endries location creating repeatability, simplicity and consistency regardless of our customer’s plant locations.

Electronic Communication Capabilities

  • Advanced Mobile Platforms
  • Full EDI capabilities
  • Full EFT capabilities
  • Online Reporting